Our Team

Meet The Team

Sensei Mark Warren

Sensei Mark Warren has been training and instructing in the Martial Arts industry for 40 years.

These styles include Shotokan & Ashihara Karate, Japanese Ju-Jitsu & Muay Thai.

Sensei Mark has travelled overseas to Japan on various occasions to train and compete in the Ashihara system.
Mark Warren has also coached multiple Karate and Muay Thai fighters going on to win state, national and world titles.

Sensei Richard Russell

With over 40 years of martial arts practice, Sensei Richard has earned Black Belt levels in multiple styles of Karate and Okinawan Weaponry.
Richard has also studied extensively in Arnis stick and knife fighting.

Currently a 5th dan Black Belt in Gojukan, he is now devoting his training to Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Richard is also an Internationally trained tournament referee and during his years has earned several Queensland, Australian and International Titles and a number of his students have gone on to do the same.

Cassidy Haberfield

Cassidy is a professional coach with a love and passion for developing his students stand up striking and their ability to turn any situation good or bad into a learning opportunity.

Pro Muay Thai fighter :14 wins, 0 losses, 4 KO’s.
– WMO amateur world champion
– WKBF amateur Australian champion
– WBC professional state champion

Started training Muay Thai in 2010 to get fit for AFL. Later becaming his #1 priority in 2019 when beginning his fighting career.

He is also a BJJ practitioner with an understanding of how BJJ skills can correlate to Muay Thai development.

Sensei Alex Harding

Alex has been training in martial arts for 15 years under Sensei Mark Warren, ever since the age of 4!

During this time Alex has achieved his second dan black belt (Sensei) and has won multiple Australian Karate titles and has recently started competing in amateur Muay Thai competition.

Amateur Muay Thai record
2 Wins, 0 Losses

Sempei Josh Mackay

Josh is a multiple state and national Karate champion in full contact competition.

Josh has also been training for over 10 years!