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Privates Available
Privates Available
Privates Available
Privates Available
Privates Available
Muay Thai (Adults)
Kids Beginner Karate (4+ Yrs)
Kids Mixed Karate (6+ Yrs)
Kids Beginner Karate (4-6 Yrs)
Kids Beginner Karate (4-6 Yrs)
Kids Beginner Karate (4-6 Yrs)
Kids Beginner Karate (4-6 Yrs)
Kids Mixed Karate
Kids Mixed Karate
Intermediate & Advanced Karate (6+ Yrs)
Intermediate & Advanced Karate (6+ Yrs)
Kids Muay Thai
Kids Advanced Karate (6+ Yrs)
Adults Karate (13+ Yrs)
Adults Karate (13+ Yrs)
Muay Thai (13+ Yrs)
Muay Thai (13+ Yrs)
Muay Thai (13+ Yrs)
Muay Thai (13+ Yrs)

Our Mission

Achieve your full potential through quality Martial Arts instruction. Established in 2007, Gold Coast Martial Arts Centre was created to empower every single student to be their very best. Our club was built to provide the best mix of curriculum, skill development, respect, fitness and fun! Our club combines Traditional Martial Arts values mixed with modern Martial Arts training!

Upcoming Gradings & Events

Muay Thai
(13 Years+)

Designed for hobbyists & fighters alike. Learn the exciting techniques of Muay Thai while receiving a fantasticm whole body workout. Gain excellent conditioning, learn real self-defence, and burn those extra calories!

Private Sessions
(All Ages)

Our coaches provide outstanding, 1-on-1 sessions in a safe environment to help you get fit, or learn real martial arts skills from experienced Muay Thai & Karate instructors

Kids Karate
(4-12 Years)

Our childrens martial arts programs re designed to bring the very best out of your child by using respectful based teaching methods. Our lessons include teaching self defence, skill development, fitness and of course fun!

Adults Karate
(16+ Years)

Our adults programme combines techniques from a variety of Martial Art Styles including Ashihara Karate, Thai Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Arnis to provide our students with a well rounded Martial Arts system that is street smart.

Testimonials from our amazing community

It will change your life!

I first started training with Mark and Richard a long time ago when i was 10 or 11. With their help & guidance I developed a life long love and appreciation for martial Arts and have continued to train and teach and follow their footsteps.

Max Burridge

Owner of Burridge Martial Arts & Fitness

Best Experience!

I have been there for almost 7 years now and so far, It has been the best experience of my life.

Jacob Morrison

Black Belt Student

An awesome connection within a group environment

My Son has been going for 4 years... what a great place to teach him how to be a good man, helping him with strength of character and giving him an awesome connection within a group environment

Debbie Kertcher


The Best Club In Aus

The best Karate School in Aus, kids, teens and adults, they cater for all! Mark and Richard are incredible teachers and will assist/push you to be your best.

Ash Sparkes

Black Belt Student

A Real Family Club

Great club with awesome instructors.

Manix Hart Coull

Black Belt Student


Sensei Mark Warren

Cassidy Haberfield

Sensei Richard Russell

Sempei Alex Harding

Sempei Joshua Mackay


Sempei Nathan Macdonald

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