Welcome to Gold Coast Martial Arts Centre...

Head Instructor:

Sensei MarkSensei Mark has been training in martial arts industry for 20 years. He has trained in many styles including Shotokan, Ashihara ,Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai. He has a vast experience in the fitness industry also training in boxing and running a Gym for four years in Burleigh. Sensei Mark has travelled overseas to Japan on various occasions to train and compete in the Ashihara system.

Sensei Mark has been teaching Martial Arts for 10 years .He believes in the fact that Martial Arts can be a great way to get students to achieve, not everybody can be the best in the world but with commitment and sound work ethics it's possible to achieve their individual greatness. This philosophy can be taken straight from training into home, school and life in general. Martial Arts isn't solely about the physical attributes of being able to defend yourself from bullies and trouble makers although in this day and age is obviously important, it is also important from a socialising aspect. The students interact with all age groups and from many and varied backgrounds. Martial Arts teaches the values of respect, honour, honesty, integrity and friendship. A great emphasis is placed on respect and the old fashioned values such as good manners politeness, self worth and modesty.

Our Mission:
To empower people of all ages to achieve their full potential through quality Martial Arts instruction. Emphasizing health fitness, self defence and life skills in a positive safe environment.

We invite you to try two free lessons at no obligation where you will learn martial arts in a fun and friendly environment and our staff will answer all your questions and assist you in anyway possible.


Our Classes...

Little Samurai's 4 to 6 year olds:
This is an important time in your child's development and the skills that we teach in our Little Samurais programme will help your child in may ways including learning to listen at school and home to be more confident and enthusiastic Our philosophy of positive re inforcement and recognising of attendance achievement and good behavior leads to happy children and parents. Your child will earn patches such as fitness ,blocking kicking, self defence and kata on their way to achieving their first coloured belt.

Children in our little samurais program get an ideal blend of fun fitness and learning...

Beginners Class:
Our programme is designed to help bring out the best in your child by using innovative teaching methods. Children are taught life and physical skills to assist them as they grow into young adults. We teach children non-violent conflict resolution and how to recognise and avoid potential threats.In those rare instances where they may need to defend themselves our curriculum is designed to ensure that children are prepared mentally and physically to neutralise physical threats through the use of practical and effective self defence techniques from a variety of martial arts disciplines

Adult Class:
Our adults programme combines techniques from a variety of Martial Art Styles including Ashihara Karate, Thai Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Arnis to provide our students with a well rounded Martial Arts system that is street smart. Adult classes are great fun and friendly workout that combine strength endurance and flexibility to create a total fitness package .Students range in age from 18 to our over 50's.

Muay Thai:
The ultimate fitness program no more boring workouts learn the exciting techniques of Muay Thai in this fantastic whole body workout. You will get excellent cardiovascular conditioning, expanding your heart and lung capacity while you burn the kilos off. Resulting in a tremendous increase in energy and stamina to take on whatever your day brings . Classes finish with stomach and stretching exercises to help avoid injuries . Get in the best shape of your life try Muay Thai ages from 16 and up.

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